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od 05/2019
Pracovní pozice: Senior Network Specialist
Náplň práce: Member of network project team. Implementation of customers network into shared network enviroment, lifecycling, decomissioning. Part of the use cases are done via automation, the rest needs to be configured on devices. Cooperation with other team members and other teams.
Technologie: Cisco routers, switches, F5 load balancers, Fortigate firewalls, network automatization, ServiceNow, VMWare networking (NSX-V)

BNET Internet/Core4net

08/2014 - 04/2019
Pracovní pozice: Network administrator
Náplň práce: Implementation and maintaining ISP network, solving infrastructure and customers issues, training of junior engineers and newcomers. Network monitoring (Cacti) with alerts based on thresholds. Basic network automation (bash or python scrips). Configuration templates for field engineers. Implementation of ticketing system (Request tracker) for senior engineers. Administration of mail server (IceWarp). Implementing and maintaining network security (VPN, configure firewalls, access rights). Some improvements of internal system (graphs from customer CPE, speedtest from CPE). Installing and maintaining VMWare ESXi and virtual machines, migrating from hw to virtual, changing platform (Windows to Linux) on some servers (mail, web, DNS). Managing backups (devices, data from servers, VMs, ...). Communication with vendor to fix some issues. Majority of network is IPv6 ready (dual-stack), about 30% of the traffic is IPv6. Maintaining DNS resolver (Bind) and authoritative DNS server (Knot DNS) - both with DNSSec
Technologie: Mikrotik products (routers, wireless, firewalls), EdgeCore switches, Dell servers, VMWare ESXi, Debian, Synology storage, wireless technologies (2,4GHz, 5GHz, 10 GHz, ...), Request Tracker, IceWarp, MST, BGP, IPv6, DNSSec

Okin BPO

06/2011 - 07/2014
Pracovní pozice: Telecomunication specialist
Náplň práce: Member of Repair team for MPLS CE devices - solving incidents. Identifying of the issue and fixing it, cooperation with other teams or local providers. Troubleshooting on customers devices (Cisco) and PE devices (Cisco or Juniper) with limited (read-only) access. Training members of the team and newcomers. Also preparing employes for CCNA exam.
Technologie: Cisco routers, switches, Juniper, BGP, QoS, VRF, IPSec

Schindler spol s.r.o.

06/2010 - 05/2011
Pracovní pozice: Programmer
Náplň práce: Participate on e-shops and (this time - programmed backend features (PHP, MySQL). Managing virtual server for more web pages.
Technologie: PHP, MySQL, Debian, Apache